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Alps 2018 Schedule

posted on September 18

ALPS-MTH Extension School

Course titles below are for the “Revised COS Curriculum“ published by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry-GBHE,M (effective 2015 to present). Please carefully, check your registration and do not register for a course you have already taken. Please use the Curriculum Grid and COS Program Completion Checklist on the www.alpsumc.org website under General Information to plan your 2018 course registration.
Spring 2018
Weekend Courses Pre-course Assignments
Due postmarked 4 weeks prior to the first class of the Course.

March 2-3 and 16-17   London, Kentucky               Eastern Time Zone
COS 221 (formerly 211)   Bible II:  Torah & Israel’s History
Instructor: Russ Sisson 
Location: First UMC, London, KY
April 6-7 and 20-21    Madisonville, Kentucky       Central Time Zone
COS 123 (formerly 213)     Formation for Discipleship                     
Instructor: Paul Walles
Location: First UMC, Madisonville, KY
May 13-25, 2018 (May 13/20 Registration)
Union College, Barbourville, KY
Eastern Time Zone

May School Pre-course Assignments
Due postmarked April 5, 2018
May 14-18 Morning
COS 124 Transformative Leadership (do not take if you have taken COS 113)
Instructor: Rex Kaney
COS 221 (formerly 211) Bible II: Torah & Israel’s History
Instructor: Rodney Duke
COS 524 (formerly 514) Theological Reflection: Practice of Ministry
Instructor:  Ken Ramsey
May 14-18 Afternoon
COS 121 (formerly 111) Bible I: Introduction
Instructor: Russ Sisson 
COS 122 (formerly 112)  Theological Heritage I: Introduction     
Instructor: Charles Brockwell
COS 223 (formerly  413)   Worship and Sacraments
Instructor: Ken Ramsey
May 21-25 Morning
COS 123 (formerly 213)  Formation for Discipleship
Instructor: Paul Walles
COS 222 (formerly 212)    Theological Heritage II: Early Church
Instructor: Steve O’Malley
COS 422 (formerly 412)    Theology IV: Wesleyan Movement
Instructor: Charles Brockwell 
COS 423 (formerly 513)   Mission
Instructor: Rex Kaney
May 21-25 Afternoon
COS 322 (formerly 312)   Theological Heritage III: Medieval/Reformation      
Instructor: Steve O’Malley                   
COS 324 (formerly 214)   Preaching
Instructor: Stacey Minger
COS 424 (formerly 414)  Ethics
Instructor: Jack Keller
COS 521 (formerly 511) ` Bible V: Acts, Epistles & Revelation
Instructor: Russ Sisson

Fall 2018
Weekend Courses Pre-course Assignments
Due postmarked 4 weeks prior to the first class of the Course.
Sept. 14-15 and 28-29      London, Kentucky             Eastern Time Zone 
COS 122 (formerly 112)   Theological Heritage I: Introduction
Location: First UMC, London, KY

Sept. 28-29 and Oct. 19-20     Madisonville, Kentucky          Central Time Zone
COS 222 (formerly  212)  Theological Heritage II: Early Church
Instructor: Steve O’Malley
Location: First UMC, Madisonville, KY
Mail ALL pre-course assignments to:
Dr. Barbara Nye
     1204 Choctaw Trail
     Brentwood, TN 37027 
Weekend courses –All Pre-course assignments are due postmarked 30 days prior to the first class
May School courses – All pre-course assignments are due postmarked by APRIL 5

Do Not email pre-course assignments.

Do Not send pre-course assignments by certified mail. You may mail by Priority Mail – no signature required if you need a tracking number.  This will save you money and delays. If no one is available to sign for certified mail it is returned. Thank you.
ALPS-MTH COS reserves the right to cancel courses, such as due to insufficient enrollment, etc..
 Local Pastors, please carefully read the information below.
Important Course Information:

  • Please use the COS Revised Five Year Curriculum “effective 2015” and the COS Program Completion Checklist provided on the ALPS website - General Information tab - to plan your course registration. 
  • In addition, use your official transcript from GBHEM to plan your registration to ensure that you do not take the same course twice.   The Completion Chart on the ALPS website shows how the former COS Curriculum and current revised curriculum course exchange works (i.e. 111 counts for 121, etc.). Register on the correct year’s registration form that is the same year as the Schedule of Courses.
  • TRANSCRIPTS - Request your transcript from Pamela Frost GBHEM Registrar – pfrost@gbhem.org
Weekend schools: Consult www.alpsumc.org Location, times, and directions, hotel information, etc. are on the website for ALPS AND MTH –click on the GENERAL INFORMATION TAB.

*REGISTRATION DEADLINE--one month prior to class   (try to register 6 months prior to class)

*Weekend course schedule: 5:30-9:00 p.m. on Friday;         Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Madisonville, KY – Central Time Zone          London, KY – Eastern Time Zone 
Course Registration and Tuition Payment Policy: You must pay your course registration and tuition 30 days prior to attending courses.   Please e-mail or call Dr. Barbara Nye if you are unable to pay your course registration prior to the course and need a payment extension.
ALPS website – www.alpsumc.org  Download ALPS Registration forms and course syllabus (begin prework as soon as you register with your DS . Likely, you can download forms and the course syllabus at your local library if help is needed.   Click on Registration at the top of the web page   Course Schedules: Click on the ALPS Schedule or MTH Schedule – you can take courses at any of the 5 locations for ALPS-MTH COS     
Directions, hotel information, etc. are on the website under the General Information tab top of page.
Contact Information:
Pam Whitmore, ALPS Registrar
 cosaccount@citlink.net    931-239-5039 Contact Pam for ALL registration questions, financial statements or grade questions.
  • E-mail provides a quicker response and helps us maintain a record of your request. Pam lives in the Central Time Zone.
  • Dr. Barbara Nye, Director         bnye1@earthlink.net        615-289-4332    
  • Contact Barbara for all other questions. Barbara lives in the Central Time Zone.